Laura (A.K.A Vixen)
I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, I just didn’t know what type of business I would eventually end up in. Through my College years, I pursued an education in the field of Business with a focus on entrepreneurship to help grow my skillset. I found myself in a few different administrative and finance jobs post-school – it paid the bills, but it was never truly fulfilling. Outside of work, I was a regular gym goer. But my routine had become stale and I was looking for something different to spark my motivation. That’s when I stumbled upon pole dancing. I stepped into local studio to just “try” out a class, and immediately fell in love with the artistry, the heels, and the empowerment that came from owning your sexuality. Little did I know nine years later I would be teaching pole dancing classes and launching my very own business, Dress to Dance and my additional business Vixen's House of Dance that was born in 2021

About Dress To Dance

Dress to Dance first launched in 2016, initially with pole dancers in mind. As a pole dancer and instructor, I wanted to make a variety of gear and clothing accessible and affordable to my students and fellow dancers. Since then, I have expanded my inventory to include all kinds of products - beauty, fitness, accessories, loungewear and lingerie, footwear for different occasions, and many more. More recently, I took a major leap in my business and designed my own branded clothing lines. I created this with every woman in mind – it’s made for all sizes and all activities – pole dance, fitness, casual etc. I look forward to continuing to grow my business, and provide my customers with quality products for many years to come.